E. A. Juffali & Brothers was established in 1946 by the three brothers Ebrahim, Ali and Ahmed Abdullah Juffali, not long after the birth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 1932. In those days the Kingdom was not the thriving modern economy it is today. In fact, many of the most basic infrastructures were rudimentary.

Juffali’s initial business was in the fields of electric power, communications and cement. These were fledgling industries in those days and many of Juffali’s early projects were truly pioneering. In fact, Juffali was instrumental in establishing the electricity grid for Jeddah.

Over the years, Juffali has constantly strived to provide world-class products and services to the Kingdom.

Juffali has cooperated and allied with many leading international companies for the distribution of their products in the Kingdom. Meeting market demand and coping with the planning requirements of the industrial economy led Juffali to establish a number of factories. Below you will see all the companies and factories over the begining of Juffali's history until the present day.

  • In 1951 Juffali established a firm association with Electrolux (Kelvinator International Co. – A.B. Electrolux) as exclusive distributor for Household & commercial Appliances.