In Saudi Arabia, where air-conditioning is an absolute necessity for quality of life, Juffali is pre-eminent in all sectors of the market. Through our international alliances and domestically developed companies, we cater to every AC or refrigeration requirement – from retailing simple window AC units, to developing and building custom-designed refrigeration systems.


SAMCO is a joint venture between Carrier Corporation (a division of United Technologies Corp.), USA and Juffali.

We manufacture window type air-conditioning units, duct free split units and commercial product units. SAMCO also supplies air conditioning services throughout Saudi Arabia.

For more information, please contact:

Saudi Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company Limited.
Jeddah, Industrial City, Phase 3
P.O. Box 8755
Jeddah- 21492
Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966 12 637 3202
Fax: +966 12 636 3731