In Saudi Arabia, where air-conditioning is an absolute necessity for quality of life, Juffali is pre-eminent in all sectors of the market. Through our international alliances and domestically developed companies, we cater to every AC or refrigeration requirement – from retailing simple window AC units, to developing and building custom-designed refrigeration systems.


Established in 1976 by York International (USA) and Juffali, MARCO has been wholly owned by Juffali since 1993. Close ties between the 2 companies remain, however, and MARCO is the distributor for Frick refrigeration products (a division of York).

We provide specialized services for central air conditioning and industrial refrigeration throughout the Kingdom, on a contracting and/or consultancy basis. This includes design, selection and supply of complete systems, and the upgrading of existing systems.

MARCO also provides customer training and support, as well as spares, maintenance and full after-sales-support.

For more information, please contact:
MARCO - Head Office, Jeddah
P.O. Box 6290
Saudi Arabia.
Street Address: 161 Amir Al-Shu'ara Street, Down Moadina Road,
Adjacent to Adham Center, Al-Ruwais Dist. Jeddah Tel: +966 12 651 5984 / 651 8388 / 651 6232 / 653 3435
Fax: +966 12 653 3848