Juffali was a pioneer in bringing technology to the Kingdom, establishing early alliances with global leaders in industry. With our partners, we currently provide cutting edge solutions in related sectors of business and day-to-day life - from telecommunications and power generation to business systems and healthcare.


Saudi Business Machines Ltd (SBM) is the General Marketing and services representative of IBM World Trade Corporation, in Saudi Arabia.

We provide systems integration, consultation and implementation services. SBM brings a complete set of offerings to its customers and provides tailored maintenance and services support for IBM and non-IBM products.

For more information, please contact:
Saudi Business Machines Ltd.
Juffali Building, 3rd Floor
Madina Road
P.O. Box 5648
Jeddah - 21432
Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966 12 610 4000
Fax: +966 12 665 1163
Website: www.sbm.com.sa
E-mail: contactus@sbm.com.sa