Juffali was a pioneer in bringing technology to the Kingdom, establishing early alliances with global leaders in industry. With our partners, we currently provide cutting edge solutions in related sectors of business and day-to-day life - from telecommunications and power generation to business systems and healthcare.


Saudi Ericsson, founded in 1980, is a joint venture between L.M. Ericsson of Sweden and Juffali.

Saudi Ericsson provides state-of-the-art communications solutions, integrated systems and services, and assists in developing them into turn key solutions for its customers.

Our communication systems are found in major government departments, leading hospitals, universities and private organisations throughout the Kingdom and the Middle East.

For more information, please contact:
Saudi Ericsson Communications Co. Ltd.
P.O. Box 9903
Riyadh - 11423, Sitteen Road, Malaz Riyadh
Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966 11 292 9600
Fax:+966 11 292 9666
Website: www.saudiericsson.com
E-mail: info@saudi-ericsson.com