Juffali has been providing integral services to various social and economic aspects of the Kingdom since the early 1970s. Initially providing contracting services to the Oil & Gas industry, we have expanded into the insurance (both maritime and personal) and training sectors.


SNIC was established in 1975 in an agreement between Munich Reinsurance Company in Germany, and Juffali. In 1984, Zurich Financial Services joined the venture and in 1993 headquarters were shifted from Luxemburg to Bahrain.

We offer property, marine, motor, engineering, life & medical and energy insurance services, for a variety of clients, and are capable of underwriting even the biggest projects. In fact, SNIC has participated in insuring a number of government infrastructure projects.

For more information, please contact:
Saudi National Insurance Company.
P.O. Box 31516, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Flat. 3204, Building: 2504, Road: 2832, Block: 428, Al-Seef
Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: +973 1 756 3377
Fax: +973 1 756 4243
E-mail: snic.bh@snic.com.bh
Website: www.snic.com.bh